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Spring Sustainable Gardening Tips

In springtime, the sound of trickling water signals the snow melting in the warmth of a brighter sun. The smell of damp earth indicates the thawing of the ground. The first fuzzy buds begin to form and shoots of green peek through the soil. The energy of life, and possibility, is palpable. Here are my spring gardening tips…

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A Midsummer Harvest

As we stride into high summer, I look forward to reveling in all the abundance that comes with a summer harvest. I’ll fill my basket until it’s heavy laden with ready garden ingredients. Then, I’ll dine al fresco on all of this delicious organic goodness. Here’s my midsummer garden harvest (and how I’ve grown them) that will soon be adorning my plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Inner Gardening: Spring Practice

The seasonal changes that occur in Spring are more than just natural spectacles - they are cues for our own seasonal living habits. To the gardener, they are prompts to pick up shovel and seed, then get to work. To the mindful, they are cues to begin a different type of tending - an internal sort of gardening. The springtime blossoms are our beautiful teachers in nature. They share the message that life is short, imperfect, and cyclical. They bring tidings of potential and possibility. They also teach us that at some point in our journey, letting go and accepting the process of becoming is not only possible but necessary for happiness and growth.

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