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6 Tips for More Sustainable Travel

I love to explore places near and far, whether they be wild lands or cities and I am deeply grateful to have traveled as much as I have around the globe. I am also aware that my travels have a negative impact on the planet. If you are like me - passionate about both the environment and traveling, then you may want to adopt more eco-friendly travel habits. With all of my traveling experience, here are 6 simple tips I’ve picked up along the way to be more sustainable in my adventures

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Sustainable Me. Mindful Me.

I believe that sustainable living is rooted in mindfulness. Making sustainable lifestyle choices is about making intentional decisions in full awareness. Living sustainably is a challenge and can be exhausting - simply because we are literally working against the system we live in. As a global community, we do not have the luxury to mentally sweep this environmental crisis under the rug - as tempting as it may be. It is truly up to us to accept our current state, then make positive changes one moment at a time. This is the way of acting in mindfulness. One breath at a time. One moment at a time.

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Build Your Own Zero Waste Kit

Single use plastic dining ware is a huge culprit to our planet’s plastic waste problem. Now is the time to opt out of the convenient consumerism epidemic by building, and using, a zero waste dining kit. Commit to taking it with you wherever you go so you always have a sustainable option!

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