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Slow & Sustainable travel

From a stay at a rustic Refugio tucked away high in the rugged Italian Alps to exploring the herbaceous gardens nearby a boutique Inn nestled along the English Countryside to soaking in the healing hot spring waters secluded in the lush Japanese mountains, we create rejuvenating, nature-oriented, sustainable travel experiences all over the world.

Our Retreats are worlds away where you can rest, learn the art of living slowly & sustainably, become inspired anew, and connect—with nature, others, yourself, and the world around you. In a world where life moves so fast and true connection seems more and more difficult to find, Illume Co. Retreats aim to make the present moment the focal point to better slow down time. We strive to show you each place as a visitor, not a tourist, and partner with locals to immerse our guests in authentic culture & cuisine. 

We create unique, experienced based travel, where you’ll practice the art of slow & sustainable living through learning age old gardening techniques from an english horticulturist, mindfulness practices from a Japanese Zen Buddhist, or essential sustainable living practices from local experts. You’ll create with your hands, move & stretch with your body, learn from the wise, walk in awareness, and realize your inner radiance. These journeys are about being present and finding the beauty within the imperfections. They are about exploring the planet, tending the earth, and cultivating connection.

These Retreats are perfect for those looking to a form a deeper connection with nature, improve their well-being, and walk away with tangible creations, practices, goals, and new friendships to offer mutual support in their slow and sustainable living endeavors. It's my hope that those of you who join us will walk away with clarity on your path, memories to sustain, sparkling eyes, and lasting relationships. I do hope to see you there, where ever there may be.